The Making Of This Shoot

The Making Of This Shoot


The brief of the shoot was to display the range of fabrics we do at Cloth.

We based this shoot on the painting Portrait of a Lady by Simon Vouet.

When the French artist Simon Vouet painted ‘Portrait of a Lady’ (probably his wife Virginia da Vezzo) in the seventeenth century he dispayed his skills as a painter of diverse textures. He also flaunted his affluence and status by draping his model in voluptuous cloths of enduring splendour.

The cloths he used of silk, muslin and velvet are infinitely opulent and useful. We recreated this painting using the same cloths Simon Vouet used. All of them are available at CLOTH today.

Sinead drew on her fashion design background to put together the chemise of poplin, lace and muslin. Deirdre drew on her photography background and used a Nikon D5600, 18-55mm lens and an LED panel light with diffuser. 

The fabrics we used: On Model - Alaskan Blue Silk Velvet Fabric, Golden Silk Velvet Fabric, Silk Satin Fabric - Rosy, Plain Cotton Poplin Fabric - Natural Seeded, Cotton Draping Muslin Fabric - Natural and Cotton Lace trim. Cushions - Mulberry Lomond Velvet / Red/Plum FD265.V106 and Black Double Width Polycotton as a backdrop.

Portrait of a Lady by Simon Vouet.
Our Portrait of a lady. Photography by Deirdre, Styled by Sinead


All fabrics are available at Cloth. Talk to us about our made to measure service.

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