Feel Good Fabrics

Feel Good Fabrics


Our customers see CLOTH as the antithesis of throwaway culture. They can find materials for their home here with enduring design and quality at Cloth. Our experience has shown us the transient insubstantial nature of many house decorating trends. We choose to ignore these and look instead for fabrics that can last for generations because they are well designed and made of quality natural fibres.

Home is a sanctuary that we live much of our lives in. We want to feel good there and it is worth investing in good fabrics. After all we see them every day and they affect our lives.

We never tire of good design. The pattern repeats tend to be bigger and more detailed that give lasting interest to the eye. The printed fabrics are on bases such as linen or velvet that bring out the subtleties and detail of the design’s colour palette. Woven and appliqued cloths have depth and texture combinations that can stimulate or calm.

The backdrop fabric is GP and J Baker Ramayana Velvet - emerald/sand BP10832.2. Reminiscent of 16th century tapestries, this weighty cotton, upholstery grade velvet illustrates scenes from the ancient Hindi epic tale of Ramayana.

The base cloth on the chaise longue is GP and J Baker’s Chifu - ochre/blue BP10852.2. The complimentary colours of blue and yellow jump off the 100% linen base. The large pattern repeat is a whopping 78 cm/31” and it keeps our imagination engaged as it pulls us into the Royal courts of 19thcentury China.

Additional fabrics clockwise from top are:

Alaskan Blue Silk Velvet Fabric

Silk Satin Fabric - Grey

Irish Linen Fabric - Light Weight - Cool Blue

Irish Linen Fabric - Light Weight - Seafoam

All fabrics are available at Cloth. Talk to us about our making services.

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