Dress Making and Tailoring

Dress Making and Tailoring

Our customers come to CLOTH to find fabric for sustainable, quality clothes that fit them personally. If you a seasoned dressmaker or new to sewing we have the fabric, tools and patterns you’ll need for most projects. We can advise you about which fabrics will work best and how much fabric you’ll need.

Made to Measure Tailoring Service

Many of CLOTH’s customers have their clothes made for them by professional tailors and dressmakers. Whether it’s formal workwear for the courts or boardroom, a mother of the bride outfit with a difference or a bridal gown with simple elegance we can put you touch with a suitable tailor for men or women.

The tailors and dressmakers we collaborate with will often meet you at CLOTH to go through your design. They will also discuss the different fabric possibities that will suit you and your design.

It is then you will decide whether you are happy to work with them. We have found over the years that most customers who have availed of this service have become regulars.

The tailors and dressmakers work independently of us and after your initial meeting at CLOTH you will go to their work place for your fittings.

Quantifying your fabric

When you’re making clothes for yourself it is important to measure yourself accurately. It is surprising how many people take their waist measurement round their tummy instead of the

narrowest part. Good measurements help you to work out how much fabric you’ll need and contribute to well fitted garments. These diagrams show you where to place the tape measure.

We stock patterns for making clothes that have a choice of several sizes in each pattern. There is a size guide on the pattern packet to tell you which size you should use and how much fabric is required.

We recommend that you measure yourself to determine which size of pattern you should use because the sizes listed sometimes won’t correspond to your usual shop bought garment size.

We also recommend checking garment measurements as well to secure a good fit. If you choose between two sizes, measure a favourite garment in your wardrobe and then compare it with our garment measurements. Also, if you find yourself between two sizes, always choose the larger one since it is easier to make a pattern smaller rather than larger.

We sell our fabric in metres and parts of metres. In our shop our minimum cut is a quarter metre. On our site you can buy some fabrics starting at half a metre and some fabrics starting at one metre. Rolls of fabric are generally made in one of three widths. They can be the narrow width of 115 cm (which equals 45”)or one of the wider widths 140 cm/54” or 150 cm/60”. You may need a longer length of fabric from the narrow rolls. On this site you will see the width of the fabric roll displayed on each product so that you can work out how much you need.


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