Our Heritage

Our Heritage

Cloth was founded by mother and daughter team Deirdre Noonan and Sinead Martin. Their initial goal was to make available in Ireland the very best fabric from around the world. They wanted to change people’s perceptions of fabric buying by offering choices and qualities that were previously unavailable.

Deirdre and Sinead sensed that they were not alone in their dissatisfaction with the majority of chain store garments, that people wanted clothes that fitted and were made to last. The time had come for a made to measure revival.

Both local and international visitors were attracted by the space they created to showcase beautiful fabric.


CLOTH’s History

Deirdre and Sinead opened their first shop in August 2010 in Limerick City. They called it simply The Cloth Shop. It was situated in an historic back street along side other family run specialist shops.

Within a couple of months they attracted national press and television coverage.

In 2011 their online shop was launched and they started selling internationally.

The Cloth Shop’s reputation grew and in 2012 Deirdre and Sinead moved their shop to Dublin city centre. From there they were able to facilitate customers from around Ireland more conveniently.

Now known as CLOTH Dublin, the shop continues to provide the best quality range of fabric and excellent personal customer service.


The Original Shop In Limerick


Meet The Founders of CLOTH


Deirdre and Sinead 2016


Anyone who meets Deirdre and Sinead realises that they are passionate about their business. They need activities outside the shop to blow away the cobwebs and make room for fresh ideas for the business.

We’re lucky enough to be able to walk or cycle to work every day through St Stephen’s Green.


 "On Sundays Mum likes to trash me at tennis!”  

 When we can get away we really enjoy going to our house in Clare. It’s our  retreat!


Life before CLOTH for Deirdre and Sinead

Deirdre was brought up in London. She did a degree in Fine Art and a Post Grad in Film making at St. Martin’s.


Sinead was born in London and moved to Ireland when she was two.

Deirdre first worked in Dublin in 1986 where she got her job in RTE studio Cameras.

Sinead lived in Dublin until the age of eleven when she moved to Clare.

Deirdre worked for twenty four years as a television lighting camerawoman, the first in Ireland.


Sinead studied for a BA Honours degree in Fashion Design at Limerick School of Art and Design.