Festive Display Ideas

Festive Display Ideas

This Ribbon Star is very effective and easy to do.

First decide the lengths of your strands of ribbons. If you are putting it in a window the window frame will dictate this.

Then get your embroidery hoop which will be your centre point.

Decide which ribbons you will use as the three main points and which will be the extra strands.

Once you secure your ribbons at one end through the hoop, put pins in ribbon at the sides of the hoop to stop them from slipping.

Then attach your three points to the window frame using thumb tacks. You will need to pull them tight.

Lastly put the last strands in place.

The Ribbon Baubles are simply just empty glass baubles stuffed with ribbons. You can also fill them with buttons.


To make this Button Wreath you will need to get a polystyrene ring from an art shop.

I cut up strips of green musin and wrapped the ring several times in it.

Then I simply pinned buttons onto it using pins with heads on them. 

To finish it off I tied a big double sided velvet bow at the top and hung it with red grosgrain ribbon.


A variety of ribbons tied onto a Sheila Maid clothes dryer. Could also be a long branch.


The smell of oranges are lovely at this time of year. Hanging them off branges amonst ribbons can look nice and smell lovely. We addded cloves for an extra smell.


If you dont like sticky fingers you could cook your oranges before you hang them.


Ribbons, Buttons, Muslin and Embroidery Hoops are all availble in our Bricks and Mortar shop in Dublin 2

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